Production Plan

The choice for One Night was to for it to be a super stripped down production to keep costs down, allow ease of making and changing the schedule, and to shoot as unobtrusively as possible in public spaces.

One Night was shot over 15 nights and days between July 7 and August 5, 2013 – most often on weeknights, after work, filming between two and five hours a night.  Most nights were just the two main actors Matt Stapleton and Robin Barnier, writer/director Shane Tilston, and often they were joined by Mike Sapienza, as an extra set of production and creative hands.

The team shot in public places and borrowed apartments.  Shane was operating the camera and recording sound from wireless mics that the actors wore, with no additional lighting.  Matt and Robin did their own make-up, often on the street in-between takes, and the majority of the budget went to providing cab rides home for everyone after late shoots.  Shane synched the sound and edited most often during early mornings, before his daughter woke up.

Tech info

Shot on a Canon 5D Markii with Magic Lantern.  Lens package was a 28mm, 50mm and 85mm.

Audio was recorded with two wireless lavs into a Zoom H4n.  For some indoor scenes, we also used an on-camera mini mic.

Inside Apartment scenes at the beginning were shot on a tripod, and the inside apartment scenes at the end were shot on a monopod.

Edited in Final Cut X, with Plural Eyes, Event Manager X, and Logic Pro X on a Apple laptop. 


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